—In the rich, southern glades of Andos, the village of Stonebridge has rapidly grown since the mingling of races and the lifting of the ban on downriver trade by the Silver Council.

The town is nestled behind an average stone wall with minimal turrets, and sits on either side of the Anders river. Wooden frames and stucco walls dominate the skyline in typical Andosian style, and the rural setting allows for decent hygiene and plenty of food. The wide bridge that connects the town is built of smooth, near-purple stone with indecipherable engravings.

Notable Factions:
The Nighthills – the nobles granted dominion over Stonebridge have their share of dastardly allies and ruthless cohorts.

The Stoneguild – formed by a handful of prominent craftsmen in town, the guild’s headquarters has assumed de facto precedence over the southern half of Stonebridge.

The Rowan Caravan – helmed by the confident Ressa Rowan, the caravan of travelling vendors and exotic wares has set up shop on the northern half of Stonebridge… to the dismay of many.

The Commune of Pelor – recently arrived in Stonebridge to quell the festival of Ryl, they are encamped in the city’s center, providing security few asked for.

The Shrine of Ryl – built south of the strange bridge long before any can remember, the temple hosts a diminishing clergy trapped under the militant scruriny of The Commune.

Notable Persons:

Tarbow Nighthill, Baron
Manreth Southwater, Sergeant
Eadyn Falconmoon, Priest of Ryl
Saborn, Blacksmith & Guildsman
Marigold, Tavernkeep
Tam Leaflock, Bard
Ressa Rowan, Visiting Trader

Notable Places:

Inside the Walls:

Tackle and Crown, a commoners’ inn
Temple of Pelor, a lavishly furnished structure of Ethanese design and influence.
The Stoneguild, a coalition of the town’s traditional craftsmen.
Barley and Bard, an upscale tavern hosting many festival merchants.

Outside the Walls:

Nighthill Manor, seat of the baron.
Havermac Farm, a northern farm that changed the town’s economy with its ale.
The Stonebridge Fairgrounds, a field of annual carnivals.
Meager Meadery, a sweet haven on the road west from the town.

Notable Objects:


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